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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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porch cleaning her shotgun whenu she spotted the drone flying over her famous neighbor's property. robert due val owns the property across the street.ree he's a national treasurer to this country. when the drone came back towards her house it was time to protect her neighbor's property and shed took aim at the drone.dr it started to come over and i came over here and raised my shotgun and blasted it out from him h.h. the drone was shot out of the sky into many pieces. it feel down to the ground in this nearby field. meantime the two guys who jennifer believes were flying the drone started walking up the street. she said no trespassing, she was going toespa call the police. remember, she was holding a big
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shotgun. jennifer has never seen themne again and there never aver police complaint filed. > what about her famous neighbor. involve, has he contacted you yet. >> no.>> he's local. > in fauquier county, matt ackland, fox 35 local news. > the news start is far fromom over. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. thanks for staying with uswi tonight at 11 i'm jim lokay and i'm lauren demarco. we start with some scary moments in the district. 9 # 1 shutdown for more than ano hour and a half earlier this morning. police and fire crews had to responsibility without being able to communicate with crews.. more now from fox's marinax' maracco. >>reporter: it was nearly twoay hours of not only was 911 down, but also no radio communication between police officers and dispatch as well fire crews and dispatch. the city at this point sa
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believe there was a power outage that happened at the office of unified communications as wellll as the backup facility that caused the outage to 911. unless you previously signed up for d.c. alerts either via texta or e-mails you were unaware of the two 10-digit numbers to call police or fire in the event of an emergency. those were sent out via alertsrs and also put out through the social media accounts through theme city. d.c. saying right now they do not know how many total 911 calls they missed throughoutough this nearly two-hour period. and it did appear that there was no uniform collective backupckup plan when it came to police. sources here at 2 desays thats of oners on the street were called back to the station for role call in order to beo accounted for that.or meaning that the streets were virtually left empty with no police presence during that timeframe. in southeast sources say
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on major thoroughfares like alabama despite not having communication. this was the place in a situation that took place during that p today, earlier at a press conference the city saying theyg do not believe that anything nefarious trigged the failure. we know exactly what happenedat but we don't know exactly whyacl that happened to our system.. > we are able to rule out the possibility of nefariousious activities or some kind of hack into our system. we know that that is not a probability.prob > now on average between 11. 30 at night and 16789.. 15 in the morning oc says they typically receive anywhere from 300 to 350911 calls. now d.c. fire says that in too timeframe they received 35 total calls of to that 10-digit numbeg that was broadcast through
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texts and e-mail.ole says they y receive a total of five callsve through that number. n the city is still trying to figure out how many total calls through 911 were missed.sed. we did have to preliminary numbers. we did see that the numbers were high end and those numbers were because we received repetitive calls. people calling 9 # # and them getting a busy signal and they'll turnaround and call back. d.c. official say that they'll be performing full systemte reviews as well as putting in system engineers to review what p happened and how this could be prevented in if the future.utur marina maracco.a > we want tea a look look outside today. another who the one today. it has been going andday. goingo how long will the heat waive last. gwen joins us now. when can we expect to break? >> we're going to get a break this we
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before we get there we have ave few who the days tomorrow. the,, humid, the whole package deal. in the low 90s at all three airports and yes, you did feelel the humidity out there although it wasn't quite as bad as it was last week so if that is any consolation to you. to right now our temperatures are in our the 70s and the 80s. 79-degrees now in d.c. we have 7 # 2 at frederick, 77rk at frederick son while cumberland is at 81. 80 the at annapolis and 73 thee at baltimore and dulles is at 72. tonight we're talking 75-degrees. mostly clear skies it with ill be a warm night. there's a few storms that popped up over the higher elevations but not looking at any of thosef making their way to the east. winds are from the south. for the next couple of days, get ready, the heat is on. we've got 92-degrees for your monday and 92-degrees on tuesday. humidity, it is sticking aroundn also. i'll let you know whene'
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that break coming up in your full forecast.fore imagining not having any access to water inside your home. that was some reality for some people today in southeast. a water main break left them without water for 24 hours. lindsay watts was on top of the story.y. there was some thought that theh water would not even be back on tonight. >>reporter: that on was thes thought here today at this apartment billion dollar angina these houses stretching down the block. they were left bone dry and ind the heat and humidity. last night into day. luckily the water did come on around 6:30 the pipe that burst was under ground here. partunde of the reason why it tk so long to restore the water was because there was a huge water on top of it. they had to call the d.c. waterr company to take down the tree and then drill down to get to the pipe.e.
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go on last night, today. thats minnesota avenue were shut hundred and people were watchinh this from their homes wonderingg when am i going to have water again.aga we was very inconvenienced. we couldn't wash dishes.s. we were thinking when we wake up it would be on and it's not objection to the form they actually told my daughter thatah it might not be on until monday. we have water and we were drinking the water in the refrigerator. we buy water from the safeway down the street.e and what you're looking at right now is that pipe that burst. it was laid out on the sidewalk for a while.r a you can see the hole in it as well as a patch there.. we found out this same line burst several years ago as well. just fyi, if something like thie should happen where you live, ai least i
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going to be on your own for te the first 24 hours.ho d.c. water says if there is a water outrage after 24 hours, after that 4-hour mark they will come out and supply people impacted with bottled waterte we're life in southeast, lindsay watts, fox5 loc news. > coming up tonight, a deli in canada is honoring donald trump, but not how you might think. wait until you see how they're serving some humor at the gop'sa expense. we'll be right's back.
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> we're just 10 weeks now from the presidential election, but whotial is counting.ntin there are new questions about both hillary clinton and donald trump and one of main issues in the trump campaign right now is whether he's changing his position on immigration. right now the clinton
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complaints about hillary clinton spent her dayalr attending campaign fundraisers while they are supporters tookte to the sundayrs shows to defense the so-called pay for play allegation. they were given special treat by the foundation while she was secretary of state. of when republicans meet with their donors with their sporers they p call it a meeting. when democrats do that they caly it a conflict.nfli it's not pay to play unless un somebody actually gave someone 50 cents and say i need to meet. no, you meet with them becauseth they want to bring a matter tona your attention. on the republican side of the aisle donald trump campaign manager made her own rounds with the press working to clarify my questions surrounding trump'sum' immigration policy. po what he has said is no legalization and no amnesty. he also said this week, chris, if you go back to your home country and if you'd like to come back to the united statese as an immigrant you need to to apply through the many different channels that allow people to appl
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that's important. wethat all learned in kindergarr to stand in line to wait our turn. he's saying that as well 6789 68 he's acknowledging that there's' massive problem with illegal immigration while client's plann is to ignore it. hillary clinton is to the left of barrack obama on immigrationi she's for catching the beast. for the sanctuary city that harbor illegal him grants. the next big event for both campaigns will be on wednesday. hillary clinton will be in ohio and donald trump has a big event played in wash to be.h to take a look at this a deli in company debuted a new and witcha in honor of donald trump. the trump sandwich at the windsor sandwich shop includes two slices of white bread, a ton of baloney and it comes with a pickle and the whole thing is surrounded by some
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as you can guess the man support the gop nominee.mine laughen dear said he plans to cast his vote for hillary clinton. i see a lot of things onilla me. both proper trump and clinton. whatever the politics, you got to love the create act. gwen is coming back with a full look at few terse. she's tell us whether the heat he will stick around or if cooler temperatures are in our forecast.reca we'll be right back. .
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it was another who the one outoe there today. it seems to be going away. >> you know what we've had a really who the summer so far.r. > definitely. >> august has not been kind to us in the cool weather department at it has been who the and sticky and humid for sure. > i think there was some records broken, right? i heard you you guys talking about it.. there was a day or two ago. not today, but throughout the summer, definitely there was.thr you know what, that humidity, you know what i call it, hashtag, unwanted house guest, back in the back door. it sneaks right in, didn't it? we have a little bit of a break. sat wasn't too bad in terms of the humidity, but it's nowow starting to make its way
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into our lives, unfortunately st we're just as we get into the morning hourn tomorrow the first thing we'ree going to see is a little bit oft that patchy fog.hy it's going to burn off fairly quickly. once we get into sunshine, plen sfor your day as well. as i said shall the as humiditys back and we have a code orangee alert for tomorrow and thatat means very poor air quality. the jyen week is starting withai temperatures into the 90s.s. it will be who the and then we cool down about mid-week.d-we temperatures are going to go into the 830s. we're going to see a really good improvement in terms of thatat humidity. going to get at least someast dryer air in place is what i'mm saying. today not the case. temperatures were month the 90st at all three airports. we should really be in the upper 8 30s. we have been above seasonal. 79-degrees however right now at d.c. we have 75 at quantico, 72 at dulles, 70 for windsor some. 73 at martinsburg and 70 at baltimore.
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let's take a look the at 70s, bt so high that we're feeling a really big difference in terms n of the heat in d.c. we're only a degree or two off there. nothing that is really impressive. very close to the air temperatures right now these t humidity is not quite as high as it has been, but that's going to change. we have a few storms that have popped up over the higher elevations. they won't make it into the metro or the i95 corridor. we're seeing a ridge of high hig pressure really holding firm.rm. that's going to be the same story for am to. thest jet stream is the culprit well to the north of us notnot letting any of that l another air come in at all. we're going to stay who the and sticky and we're going to see the temperatures into the 90s. once again we're going to have all the sunshine. hazy, who the and humid, that's what i'm talking about. code orange and that means the air is going to be very stagnant, very difficult withh anybody for any respiratory issues
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outside.outs so if any health issues try not to spend any time outside and also limit your outdoor activities.iv it's the same for elderly people and small children because they'll have troubles as well. gas ton now a category 3 hurricane, the first for the atlantic region, but really not doing anything.doin it's not going to impact anything at all. we're actually talking about it moving out to see. there's no watches or warning ai all for it, but a couple ofup areas here of disturbance, another one which you don't see here is going to effect the coastal area of texas and 8 and 9 are going to become the next tropical. going to effect the outerter gnks of north carolina and they could see some high turf.rf. 9 is going to go into the gulf and effect the florida
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88-degrees by midday tomorrow,e going to see it. in the meantime 7 #, a pretty mild night for you, stay cool tomorrow, 92-degree, drink lots of water, stay hydrated. you'll have do that over ther next few days. wednesday, a cold front comesmes in. it's going to be kicking up anda causing a storm or two. do you know how angry you made her h. >> no, nyack horse are celebrating because i'm bringing them cooler temperatures. > i just knocked over may makeup. >> we'll get it cleaned up after this.
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the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. your first place nats stillll riding on top of the nl east. they are ahead of the mar lanes, but a full month of baseball
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left andwa. the nats were down 3-1 in the th third inning. david call, deep and out to left. a solo shot makes it 4-1 rockies. in the meantime, the nats kind of a dark day for them.em. itself ninth inning bryce harper comes to bat and does what bryce does best gets it out of there. makes it 5-3, but ' as close as the nats get in this one. they drop 5-3 to the rocky, butt still doing quit well. > the future major leaguers of our time. a team from new york taking on. later on in the inning, jack hospital could he at at plate. strikes out, but the ball getsts away which allows ryan hear love to scorews which makes it 2-0. in the six incorporate incorporate, hear love at the plate this time, we
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running, swing and wins their fe league since 2011. new york's first title since si 1964.19 the probably biggest story line of the nfl preseason, the san francisco 49ers said they will stand behind the quarterback who won't stand up for the national anthem. after his silent protest during friday's loss. he was adopted by white parents with whom he says he discussedsd the idea beforehand. the team says it is his right to not stand. the players are encouraged, he c says he's going to continue to do that until injustices are taken care of.. something he says he's quite passionate about.te he certainly got a loft attention about it. > now doubt about that. after the break we'll get at final check of your wakeup forecast. stay with us, we're back after
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welcome, very who the area storm. we have a code orange. so anybody with
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issues, elderly pep, small outdr activities. the seven day forecast, a coolec down is on the way. just get through the first three days of the week and you'll beul able to welcome it in. we're looking at very who the weather for monday, tuesday and wednesday before a cold frontont comes behind the cold front, someme dryer air.r. before the cold front we'll havl to deal with some isolatedolat showers and the heat. after that things will be calmbe and quiet with no shortage of sunshine temperature in the 8 20s. that's good for the people that are sticking around here for labor day weekend.end. enjoy it while you can. staycation. the best thing to do.. > or work. wo well, there's that. we'll be here for you. that's how it goes. that does it for us, fox5 news is always on on fox5 the morning crew will be back here bright and early at 4:25:00 a.m. make it a great
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stay cool
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